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You Already Know - YAK



About the YAK Brand. What is YAK? YAK is the acronym for the phrase “You  Already Know”. Unlike most brands, YAK is a brand geared solely for  everyday people. YAK represents greatness, success, accomplishments or  even pride in one’s life. When you appreciate, or recognized what’s real  about something or someone then “You Already Know” the statement or  position in display.  

About You


YAK  acknowledges, compliments and provides clarity of what you stand for.  Whether you’re on a mission to represent that special community sport  team or organizing a family event. Let YAK represent your favorite  sports team, family reunion, fraternity or sorority. Our Online Shop  offers you a great selection of designs just right for that special  occasion. 

SPECIAL NOTE: We  will also have more YAK logos to choose from in the coming weeks. Also,  all YAK APPAREL will be available in Rhinestones and Embroidery. 



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Women's Apparel


Ladies... choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Add the  finishing touch by choosing your favorite logo from the list that represents you and what you're all about... YAK!!! 

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Men's Apparel


Men... choose your style, color and size. Finish it up by choosing the  logo that represents you and what you're all about...YAK!!!   

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Texas Hold'Em Poker


Is Texas Hold'Em your game of choice...  If yes...YAK it up and be represented and acknowledge by wearing your own customized YAK POKER APPAREL!  Let others know that THEY ALREADY KNOW that you mean business...YAK!!! 

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We have a variety of items to choose... from totes, caps, cups, belt  buckles, socks, shoes, charms, etc.. Besides our apparel, these items make great gift ideas for any occasion... YAK!!! 

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Children's Apparel


 "You Already Know" we can't leave the kids out!  They can represent as well! They are people too... YAK!!!  

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Logo's by Category


We have a wide variety of logo's choose from.  Browse through our different categories and  view the list. Find the logo that represents you, your group, event,  special event/occasion, etc. When others see what you display on what you are wearing, they will know what you are all about, what you believe in and  what matters to you...YAK!!! 

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